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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The United States International Duo Piano Competition returned to The Broadmoor this weekend to showcase talented pianists from across the globe.

The competition is duo style, meaning competitors have spent several months learning alongside a partner.

“Now you have to make it two people sound like one piano,” said 16-year-old pianist Bianca Wieck.

That’s just one aspect of what makes the International Duo Piano contest unique. Two pianos, two people, yet only one song.

“Now, instead of focusing on yourself, you also have to listen to the other person and also if it’s four people, you have to listen to three other people,” said Wieck. “So you have to be constantly aware of what the other person is doing.”

Nearly 200 people as young as 6 and up to the professional level entered the three-day competition at The Broadmoor.

“Playing in The Broadmoor in such a regal area is something you never really get to do as a piano performer because we’re usually playing in churches or other places but this is The Broadmoor,” said Colin Kolbus, a 17-year-old contestant.

The fact that it’s international makes the competition all the more challenging.

“I think it’s pretty cool because people from Korea, China all over the world are coming over to The Broadmoor to compete so I think it’s an honor to be here,” said 11-year-old pianist Luci Lange.

“It’s really amazing how people can come from all these different places but you’re still able to understand the emotion that they’re bringing to the piece,” said Kolbus.

“I mean I’m only driving down 20 minutes but I think people are coming on a seven-hour plane ride to do this,” Wieck said. “This is important so it definitely adds pressure in competition which I think is good.”

Contestants are judged based off stage presence, overall performance and technical background. Three winners are crowned and first place receives $1,000.

The competition will return January 6-8, 2017.