Competition Rules

USIDPC Competition Rules

The USIDPC Rules for Entry & Performance

The USIDPC adheres to the following rules for entry and performance. Please note entry fees and deadlines as there are no exceptions for any level. If you have questions, please contact us at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.

Student Ages

Students enroll according to their age as of September 15 of the application year. Amateur and professionals must be 18 years or older. There is no age minimum or maximum. We accept entries from all ages and levels.

Two Pianos Only

Only “DUO” works may be entered. Two piano duos and quartets are permitted. Movements of duets, trios, or other ensemble works are NOT allowed. Arrangements, transcriptions, and original duo works qualify for the competition. Within these guidelines, there are no other restrictions on repertoire.

Youth and amateur finalists will perform the same piece as submitted with the application. Professional finalists may choose to perform a different piece at the live competition.

  • Level I – Ages 6 & Under
  • Level II – Ages 7-8
  • Level III – Ages 9-10
  • Level IV – Level 11-12
  • Level V – Ages 13-14
  • Level VI – Ages 15-16
  • Level VII – Ages 17-Adult
  • Level VIII – Sibling – Two Age Categories: (a) Ages 6-13 & (b) Ages 14-Adult*
  • Level IX – Parent/Child
  • Level X – Quartet – Two Age Categories: (a) Ages 6-13 & (b) Ages 14-Adult
  • Level XI – Professional

– For multi-aged duos and quartets, you will enter according to the age of the oldest partner.
* Sibling (b) Category: One sibling must be under the age of 18.

Time Limit

A time limit is imposed all categories. At the live competition, please be aware that judges may end any performance running over the time limit.

  • Professional: 15 minutes
  • Amateur: 10 minutes
  • Levels V-VII & X (Ages 13-18 & Quartets): 8 minutes
  • Levels I-IV, VIII (Ages 12 & under, Sibling, Parent/Child): 5 minutes
Limited Performances (Youth Categories)

A student may compete a MAXIMUM of 3 times in this competition under the following circumstances: a) Each performance repertoire must be different. b) Each student must stay within his/her age level except when entering as Sibling (Level VII) or Parent (Level VIII). If entering as a sibling, the age of the older sibling must be used. In the event a winner cannot participate in the Winners’ Concert, the teacher or another student may substitute for that participant.


Music does NOT have to be memorized for performances.

Pre-Performance Judging

A panel of judges will adjudicate each CD, DVD or video link. Winners of each of the divisions are invited to perform January 4-6, 2019 at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Entry Fees (Amateur & Professional)

To qualify for acceptance in the competition, each duo team must submit an application form, a CD/DVD of the selected duo work (or video link on application), and the non-refundable enrollment fee of $65 per performer. (Include only the names of the partners and the title of the composition on the CD/DVD). To enter in the Professional category (Level XI), entrant must make a living as a performer. Professional level entry fee is $200 per performer.

Multiple Checks

Send only ONE check from the teacher payable to the USIDPC. Professional applicants are permitted to submit their own fee.

Judges’ Decisions

All decisions of the judges are final. Judges are not required to name winners from each division should the level of the performances not meet the judges’ standards.

Competition Finals & Awards

Competition finals will be held at the Broadmoor Hotel on January 4-6, 2019. Professionals and amateurs will compete the evening of January 4. At the conclusion of the concert, there will be an intermission as the judges convene. Results will be announced at the awards ceremony shortly thereafter.

Amateur winners will receive trophies; Professional winners will receive cash awards.

Professional Cash Awards:
1st Place – $1,000
2nd Place – $750
3rd Place – $500

All other finalists will perform January 5-6, 2019. The awards ceremony will be held at approximately 4:00 PM on January 6. Due to the amount of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee a specific concert time. First concert will be Saturday morning. Please plan accordingly.

All finalists will receive a trophy and medal. Top winners in each category will be awarded an additional trophy. Please note that no awards will be mailed. You must be present to accept your awards or make arrangements for someone to pick them up.

Application Deadlines

Professional Deadlines

  • Professional Early Decision: October 10, 2018
  • Professional Regular Deadline: November 15, 2018

Registration will begin September 5. The registration link will be inactive until we begin accepting applications.

Early decision results will be announced October 15. Regular results will be announced November 22, 2018.

Youth/Amateur Deadlines

  • Youth/Amateur Early Decision Deadline: October 20, 2018
  • Amateur & Youth Regular Deadline: November 15, 2018

Early decision results will be announced October 30, 2018. Regular results will be announced November 22, 2018.

Travel Expenses

Airfare, hotel and transportation will be at the expense of the entrants. The Broadmoor Hotel provides airport transportation for a nominal fee, which must be arranged through the hotel prior to arrival.

Competition tickets may be purchased online or at the door. Weekend passes provides entrance to all concerts, including the professional competition, and covers all members of one family. Please note that weekend passes are only available online and may not be purchased at the door. Single tickets covers one person for one concert. Children and students up to age 19 are free.

  • Weekend Passes: $30 (online purchase only – please plan accordingly)
  • Single Tickets: $10 (available online & at the door)