2019-2020 USIDPC Finalists

Congratulations to the following finalists!

January 3, 7PM: We invite you to join us for the USIDPC Professional Competition on Friday night. Finalists will be competing for cash awards: 1st $3,000, 2nd $2,000, 3rd $1,000.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Concert and practice schedules will be posted no later than December 20. Please note that we do not take schedule requests, and finalists should be available to perform on either day. Only one 10 minute practice slot will be scheduled per duo or quartet. Please do not request an additional practice time. We have many duos flying in for the competition, and we can only accommodate one practice time.

Absolutely no youth finalists are allowed to practice on stage or be on stage before their scheduled competition time.

January 5, 4PM: Awards Ceremony


Tickets are required for all concerts. Purchase a daily pass or a weekend pass. Individual weekend pass covers one individual for the entire weekend. Family weekend pass covers one family for the entire weekend. Please note that the family weekend pass covers immediate family only. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc must purchase a separate pass.

No ticket is required for the Awards Ceremony, and finalists and their teachers are admitted free.

Weekend passes are only available online through December 15! $10 daily passes may be purchased at the door.

  • BEST DEAL! Weekend Pass: Family ($30) or Individual ($15)
  • Individual Day Pass: $10/day
  • Senior Day Pass: $5/day

Broadmoor Hotel Reservations
Group Code: PIANO20

To receive the following rates, call the hotel at 855-634-7711.
The code will not work with their online system.

- $145: Classic
- $155: Superior
- $165: Premier
- $185: Suite


Competition LevelPrimo (First Name)Primo (Last Name)Secondo (First Name)Secondo (Last Name)Piano 2: Primo (First Name)Piano 2: Primo (Last Name)Piano 2:  Secondo (First Name)Piano 2:  Secondo (Last Name)
Level II – Ages 7-8

Level II – Ages 7-8AngelinaNguyenAllisonPhan

Level II – Ages 7-8EvieWoldeitAveryMorris

Level III – Ages 9-10

Level III – Ages 9-10SophiaHuynhAnnieHuynh

Level III – Ages 9-10VictoriaLawLiDanSong

Level III – Ages 9-10GraceNguyenJohnNguyen

Level III – Ages 9-10MatthewNguyenEvelynNguyen


Level III – Ages 9-10ReeseVerSchaveGraycinVerSchave

Level III – Ages 9-10LiamYoungConorYoung

Level IV – Level 11-12

Level IV – Level 11-12RianneBlumenthalJuliaRichards

Level IV – Level 11-12JasmineChanYinaLi

Level IV – Level 11-12KinleyConstantTysonSchween

Level IV – Level 11-12EvanCostinasElaineSudibyo

Level IV – Level 11-12AvaFredericHunterElvenholl

Level IV – Level 11-12LexiLinSophiaCheng

Level IV – Level 11-12KaitlynMurphyMindyYang

Level IV – Level 11-12JaimePaulEmilyFranks

Level IV – Level 11-12EllaStevensSamanthaCushman

Level IV – Level 11-12KatelynVoTramyNguyen

Level IV – Level 11-12MadalynWallaceJoshChandra

Level IV – Level 11-12KieraWongSterlingTran

Level IX – Parent/Child

Level IX – Parent/ChildJamesAlgermissenCarlAlgermissen

Level IX – Parent/ChildAnyaBiswasKatieGerber

Level IX – Parent/ChildZacharyDickmanJenniferDickman

Level IX – Parent/ChildEricaHarveyRickHarvey

Level IX – Parent/ChildVivienNguyenSkylerTran

Level IX – Parent/ChildAmeliaSpielmanMargaretChen

Level IX – Parent/ChildCordiWoldeitJackieWoldeit

Level V – Ages 13-14

Level V – Ages 13-14EricFengJeremyFeng

Level V – Ages 13-14NicoleGuoEvanChin


Level V – Ages 13-14AndrewMarkelGabrielleChristensen

Level V – Ages 13-14AlexanderPhamJeffreyKulsomphob

Level V – Ages 13-14KiraRiceLindenKoshland

Level V – Ages 13-14MadisonSuhAnneWang

Level V – Ages 13-14ScarletZhaoKaavyaSenthil

Level V – Ages 13-14KatherineZhaoShirleyXu

Level V – Ages 13-14AudreyZhouMichelleLiang

Level VI – Ages 15-16

Level VI – Ages 15-16EllaBertschMatthewRui

Level VI – Ages 15-16SamanthaChoeSydneyToffa

Level VI – Ages 15-16RebeccaColeEthanChandra

Level VI – Ages 15-16EllieGreysonAliciaChavez

Level VI – Ages 15-16JuliaHillLucyLiu

Level VI – Ages 15-16VivianHuangNathanielHo

Level VI – Ages 15-16LuciLangeChandlerHickman

Level VI – Ages 15-16LuciLangeJoaquinSalazar Diaz

Level VI – Ages 15-16CarsonLindahlJihangLi

Level VI – Ages 15-16OwenMetzEthanThevarajah

Level VI – Ages 15-16PeterMilnesAlexanderViolet

Level VI – Ages 15-16AustinNguyenEvelynEaton

Level VI – Ages 15-16AlexTsengMatthewRui

Level VI – Ages 15-16SydneyWoodsLaineSlinglend

Level VI – Ages 15-16DavidYoungKaraDoerstling

Level VI – Ages 15-16EricZhuoAlanPham

Level VII – Ages 17-18

Level VII – Ages 17-18LukeAllevatoMadolynOliver

Level VII – Ages 17-18BrandonBaggettJonathanWyble

Level VII – Ages 17-18NathanHarveyAbbySkinner

Level VII – Ages 17-18BrianHsiaoPatriciaHsieh

Level VII – Ages 17-18AnnieMcClendonJuliannaDickman

Level VII – Ages 17-18HarrisonPayneLukeSmith

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13EdenAkliluSofiaAklilu

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13DawsonFoxGreyFox

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13CarrieLiangKyleLiang

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13AngelinaNguyenMatthewNguyen

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13AshleyNguyenEvelynNguyen


Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13JohnNguyenGraceNguyen

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13ANGELATRANASHLEYTRAN

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13SterlingTranSkylerTran

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13CordiWoldeitEvieWoldeit

Level VIII (a) – Sibling Ages 6-13AustinWuNinaWu

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*EdenAkliluHelinaAklilu

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*JoshChandraEthanChandra

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*IvyFoxDawsonFox

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*KathrynGarzaWilliamGarza

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*BenjaminHsiehPatriciaHsieh

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*HeatherHuntHaileyHunt

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*NanakoKeneyHanakoKeney

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*NanakoKeneyHanakoKeney

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*AngeliaLongJonathanLong

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*LucyMontgomeryOttoMontgomery

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*SydneyToffaSinclairToffa

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*AverilWybleJonathanWyble

Level VIII (b) – Sibling Ages 14-Adult*TimothyYoungDavidYoung

Level X (a) – Quartet Ages 6-13

Level X (a) – Quartet Ages 6-13LukeAhernIsaacAlley

Level X (a) – Quartet Ages 6-13JeremyFengEricFengCalebTangChenjiaNi

Level X (a) – Quartet Ages 6-13GraycinVerSchaveReeseVerSchave

Level X (a) – Quartet Ages 6-13KatelynVoAngelaTranSterlingTranTramyNguyen

Level X (a) – Quartet Ages 6-13EthanXiaEthanHu

Level X (b) – Quartet Ages 14-Adult

Level X (b) – Quartet Ages 14-AdultEdenAkliluHelinaAkliluMyHuynhAllisonGroustra

Level X (b) – Quartet Ages 14-AdultJuliaHillJoaquinSalazar DiazLuciLangeChandlerHickman

Level X (b) – Quartet Ages 14-AdultAltonShenAlissaShenKevinYuKatelynYu

Level X (b) – Quartet Ages 14-AdultKieraWongAshleyNguyenWilliamLiMichelleHo